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SPOILERS: With This Fling… by Kelly Hunter

With This Fling... by Kelly Hunter - UK editionWith This Fling... by Kelly Hunter - Australian editionWith This Fling... by Kelly Hunter - US edition

With This Fling…

Kelly Hunter

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How it ends

Charlotte gets into a car accident while Grey is uncontactable. Grey stays in Sydney as Charlotte recovers. Charlotte gets some insight from her father’s journal and from Grey’s mother on making travel work for the family. Charlotte decides she can do some travelling to be closer to Grey, and he agrees to keep Sydney as their base. After saying no to Grey’s numerous proposals, Charlotte finally proposes to him.

Last words

She kissed the edge of his lips and the line of his jaw until finally she reached his ear.

‘What’s more,’ she whispered, ‘we’re going to love it.’

Hook-ups, break-ups and deaths

  • Charlotte and Grey get their happy ending.
  • Aurora dies early in the book.


  • Sex without condoms
  • Accidental pregnancy

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November 21, 2011 at 4:53 pm

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