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SPOILERS: Lyon’s Bride by Cathy Maxwell

Lyon's Bride by Cathy Maxwell (Chattan's Curse, #1)

Lyon’s Bride (Chattan’s Curse, #1)

Cathy Maxwell

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How it ends

Thea organises a house party where Neal can meet prospective brides. Her maid informs her that one of the ladies intends to be caught in a compromising position with Neal, in order to force him to propose. When Thea confronts her, she punches Thea. Neal walks in on them and comforts Thea. The lady’s father walks in on Neal and Thea, thinking she’s his daughter, and Neal ends up marrying Thea to save her reputation. Harry is distraught, but grows to like Thea. When he realises that he’s in love with Thea, Neal begins to succumb to paralysis. Thea starts having nightmares, eventually running away in an attempt to get Neal to stop loving her. Neal finds her and refuses to let her go. Harry decides to pursue a lead that might help them end the curse.

Last words

And if she would not fight, then he would beg her to take his life instead of his brother’s.

Hook-ups, break-ups and deaths

  • Neal and Thea get married.


  • Harry undergoes treatment for his addiction to alcohol and laudanum.
  • The curse is not broken in this book. Neal’s paralysis becomes worse, and he estimates that he has about a month to live, based on his father’s experience.
  • Neal makes peace with his father’s actions (of being distant with his son and, later, falling in love) after reading a letter that his father left before he died.

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