Kill a fairy

Because sometimes you just have to know how the story ends


You may want to kill a fairy if…

  • You like to read the back of the book first
  • You won’t read certain types of books
  • You only read certain types of books
  • You’re looking for certain types of books
  • You won’t read books where people die
  • You won’t read books where animals die
  • You started a book and want to know how it ends, but the thought of slogging through the pages in between makes you want to take a nap
  • You think life is too short for tragic stories

We believe there are two types of readers: those who can’t read a book if they already know how it ends and those who won’t read a book unless they know how it ends.

Some readers consider the latter behaviour to be so heinous it’s as if an innocent creature has been slaughtered.

Hence, killing a fairy. Or, as it began in Twitter, #killafairy.

What Kill a fairy is NOT

This is not a recap site. We won’t summarise the entire book. We won’t necessarily reveal every plot twist.

Our aim is to save you the hassle of flicking through the last few pages to help you avoid—or deliberately choose—books that will aggravate you.

If you feel like you’ve read the entire book after you finish reading our spoilers, we’ve done a bad job.

Fairy assassins

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Written by Kat

October 23, 2011 at 6:27 am

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